Why Should Others
Control Your Art?

Choose how, to whom and at what price you sell your photos. Negotiate job and image requests directly and even anonymously with top brands, agencies, and publications.
Photo © Graeme Haunholter
Sell & Shoot On-Demand

Instantly get notified of new image requests and reply. Submit images from your archive or shoot them. Upload from anywhere using the ArtBrief app. Define your price and keep 100% of all sales. Participate in Incognito Mode and hide your username to keep your artistic reputation uncompromised.

Incognito Mode

Incognito mode hides your username from the client entirely. Submit images of anything, and don’t worry about your reputation.

The Photo Agent In Your Pocket

Commercialize your mobile images and sell them in the ArtBrief showroom. Images are keyworded automatically. All you have to do is to add the price to your pictures. It’s that easy. You can choose the ArtBrief pricing, define your custom price, or leave the “pricing on request” option. Full control always.

Showroom & Marketplace

Stay on top of the game and gain back full control over your work! In the Showroom, you can showcase your portfolio and sell if you want. You can set the price individually for each image or leave it without a price tag. Stay in control anytime and anywhere with the ArtBrief app.

Full freedom

Determine the pricing of every image individually. Change it anytime and stay in control of your content.

Always In Control

It’s important to us that artists always stay in full control of their intellectual property. Your images will be not distributed on other website and stock agencies. Think of ArtBrief as your tool, which enables you to cut the middleman in the licensing business. Track down illegal usage with our partner Copytrack.

Track & Trace

Find who is using your images illegally and take action. Copytrack will collect royalty fees automatically on your behalf.